From Here On In #3

From Here On In #3 is now available to view online!

Texts include: Festivals End – some sort of an editorial; Letters to the ´Editor´; In Memory of Mark Duggan; Prisons – The Most Unlawful Places on Earth; The Many Faces of Fascism; A Conversation in Brighton; Struggle or Starve and Communiques from Bristol.

Aimed at provoking discussion amongst those that refuse to accept society’s oppressive dogmas, those that will not ‘keep calm and carry on’, and those that wish to take action against the imposed restrictions upon their total freedom, From Here On In hopes to agitate locally, but with an understanding that oppression, be it social or economic, is global and fundamentally connected.

Critiques of this periodical are always welcome, and for the few that have followed its previous two releases many changes will be apparent. The layout has taken on a different face, a ‘Collateral News’ section has been introduced, documenting the daily rebellions against authority, work and the metropolis throughout the greater Bristol area, and with a change in authors, the written content will have inevitably taken on a different tone. A Points of Reference section has also been added so that, if you so wish, readers of this magazine can look further afield towards projects we find affinity with.

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