From Here On In #2

From Here On In #2 out now!

With articles on the developments and role of prison labour, as well as an interview with revolutionary anti-authoritarian prisoner, John Bowden. The dark(er) side of Bristol’s new mayor, George Ferguson. An insight into the processes commonly known as ‘gentrification’ around the wider Easton area, as well as information on the increase of intrusive rights given to landlords over tenants, and an analysis of the false dichotomy of ‘fascist’/’anti-fascist’, using the recent rise of the EDL as an example.

Find it on the streets of Bristol, in other hubs further afield, or online here:


Please read online, print and distribute as you please.

“The desire to create one’s life upon one’s own terms, devoid of enforced coercion, is not born from a belief that all of life’s burdens will die with this society, but from a desire to live as free as possible. To learn to walk by walking; tripping, stumbling and even falling as we go. To have the space, time, critique and support of those we choose to spend our lives with to realise our strengths and weaknesses, limitations and capacities.”

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